Without legs, but not without dignity


Perhaps you have seen Thomas Bauguess outside between Walmart and the Stones River Mall in Murfreesboro, TN. He sits on a small bucket with two prosthetic legs…

Thomas who is homeless, says that he lost his legs in Iraq while working as a contractor for the government and because he was not actually in the military, he does not receive help from the VA. Instead, he receives a basic disability check. However, the check is not enough to receive approval for an apartment or trailer.

Some have made fun of Thomas suggesting that he goes home each night to a well-lit house…

One person even made of video of him…

The video was placed on Facebook where multiple persons made comments that hurt both Thomas and his wife.

Thomas owns two trucks that were given to him after his aunt passed away. While the trucks maybe a distraction for those passing by, Thomas calls them a blessing. …

Right now, Thomas and his wife simply need a rental home or apartment. That being said, if someone is willing to rent to them, he says that he will not have any problem making the monthly payment and he will be an excellent tenant.

Hear the entire interview by Scott Walker:


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